Thinks Facebook Should Scrap Tracking App Thinks Facebook Should Scrap Tracking App Thinks Facebook Should Scrap Tracking App

Nobody at will argue that Facebook hasn’t made our phones much more useful. Through messaging, new ways to update and sharing features, we at are generally delighted with the way Facebook operates. But the new “nearby” app, we believe, is going to far. hopes the company rethinks it before they launch.

The way the app works is simple: You can select people on your friends list who you would like to be notified about when they are within a given distance of you. You can set the distance, and the system works through the GPS systems in most smart phones.

The danger of this type of app is obvious. Many of us keep our former boyfriends and girlfriends on our friends list. If one of them suddenly became a stalker, it would be very easy for them to know where we are and harass us. That should not be. We have no doubt that if the app launches, many women’s lives will be in danger.

There isn’t really that much of a need for the app. If you want to hang out with some of your friends, you can simply make a post stating where you are and ask them if they want to hang out. And, what reason could you possibly have for needing to know every time someone is within 50 feet of you?

Having a smartphone equipped with Facebook is a good thing, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your safety and privacy.

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